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About Perth

Blessed with a Mediterranean-type climate with mostly warm and sunny days throughout the year, Perth makes a great place to explore outdoor activities such as boating, swimming, or simply lazing on the beaches. The capital city of Western Australia is surrounded by the Swan River on the south and the east, which forms an idyllic setting to experience the many wonders that the place has in store.

Boating in Perth

There are many fascinating places in and around Perth where boaters can enjoy and explore the waterways. The winding Swan River offers many fishing, swimming, sailing, and kayaking opportunities. You could even hop on one of the river cruises between Perth and Fremantle for a relaxing journey. Enjoy the natural beauty all around and the many posh houses that stand proudly on the riverfront. If you are in a mood to navigate a little farther, take a cruise to the shores of the Swan Valley for a mouthwatering sampling of local food.

Hillary’s Boat Harbour, which is located just 20 kilometers away from central Perth, is an impressive marina which has something for everyone. When you are at Perth you can also visit the nearby Cottesloe, Port Beach, City Beach, Como Crayley, and Point Water for a day of family fun. The four Perth islands, Rottnest Island, Penguin Island, Carnac Island, and Garden Island, are a boater’s paradise. You can either visit these islands on your boat or take a day trip on a ferry or as part of a kayaking tour. However, you need your own boat to access the Carnac and Garden islands. Rottnest Islands has fantastic surfing, fishing, and shore-based snorkeling opportunities.

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  1. SL
    Exquisite Trawler for 20 People in Fremantle, Western Australia

    Highly recommend Dave and his crew. Very professional and safe.

  2. CE
    Charter Steber 36 Motor Yacht in Perth, Australia
  3. sm
    40' Vlaming Luxury Historic Wooden Boat Charter in East Fremantle
  4. YJ
    Charter Steber 36 Motor Yacht in Perth, Australia

    Great boat ride! Vicki and John were very accommodating and did everything to make our ride amazing ! I would definitely use them again

  5. ZI
    Charter Steber 36 Motor Yacht in Perth, Australia

    Loved the ride