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About Punta Ala

Punta Ala is a town in the region of Tuscany in Italy. It sits on the coast and is surrounded by lush hillsides full of green trees. It’s a holiday destination for mostly the elite, with luxury villas and fancy restaurants, but you can find a way to enjoy this stunning town on a budget. It’s a beautiful spot to travel to if you want to avoid tacky tourist shops and obnoxious crowds.

The best time of year to visit Punta Ala is during the shoulder seasons and the summer during April and May or September and October. Punta Ala doesn’t get nearly as busy as other Italian destinations, so during July and August, you won’t be overcrowded. These months, however, will be the most expensive time to visit. The wintertime in Tuscany is mild, and you’ll be able to get much more affordable accommodation, but it will be too cold to enjoy a swim in the sea.

To get to Punta Ala, the best way to arrive is by car. The closest airport is Pisa, which is an hour and a half drive. You can take trains and buses, but it will take much longer and can be frustrating and inconvenient. Driving is the best way to get around this region of Tuscany.

Punta Ala Boat Hires

The most popular choice of boat hire for visitors to Punta Ala is a sailboat charter. Charter a stunning monohull or catamaran sailboat and explore the sea surrounding Punta Ala. Your captain can customize your experience so you’ll enjoy the perfect day of luxury. On a chartered sailboat, you can stop for a swim and a snorkel in the sea, dine and eat an Italian meal prepared onboard, and soak up the sun on your private boat deck.

If you'd rather cruise at a high speed, hire or charter a motor yacht to explore around Punta Ala. There are lots of different motor yacht hires to choose from, so explore the coast by motor on your chartered yacht.

Depending on your travel itinerary, you can hire a boat for a day of cruising around or choose a sleep aboard charter in Punta Ala. With a sleep aboard, you can spend up to a week on your own boat, sailing up and down the gorgeous Tuscan coastline. Enjoy a luxurious experience with a crew to customize your sailing and boating week.

If you want to try watersports while in Punta Ala, check out charters to take you waterskiing and wakeboarding. Learn how to do these exciting watersports with professionals to take you out into the sea, jumping waves and enjoying beautiful views of the coast.

For active travelers, you can hire a canoe and spend a day paddle along the shoreline in Punta Ala. Get some exercise and paddle in the sea, stop at a beach for a swim, and enjoy a day in a canoe hire in Tuscany.

Boating Events in Punta Ala

If you enjoy watching (or participating in) sailing regattas, there are lots of regattas organized by the marinas in Punta Ala in the summertime. The Regata Nazionale Punta Ala and 151 Miglia regatta are two spectacular races to watch from the shore in Punta Ala.

Other Things To Do

While on land in Punta Ala, there are lots of stunning and fascinating historical landmarks and places to see. If you’re looking for a beach day, head to Spiaggia di Casetta Civinini or Bagno Punta Hidalgo. Here you'll enjoy a relaxing day in the soft white sand and swim in sparkling, calm water.

Golf is a popular activity to enjoy in Punta Ala, and there’s no shortage of beautiful golf courses. Book a tee time and spend a day on the green, enjoying the stunning views and pleasant climate of Tuscany with your travel mates. Golf Club Punta Ala is a great place to start.

Marinas in Punta Ala

There are several marinas in Punta Ala. Some of the top marinas include Port of Punta Ala, Marina Di Punta Ala S.P.A.and Yacht Club Punta Ala. The marinas of Punta Ala are stunning places to go for a walk and enjoy views of the sea and watch boats sailing in and out of port. There are nearby beaches and restaurants to enjoy a meal and a view. The marinas are historic in appearance, with lots of stunning yachts moored in their berths.