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What to know about a Boat Hire in Barcelona

There are many marinas at Barcelona that offers a comprehensive range of services including boat hires. This includes Vilanova Grand Marina, Marina Port Forum, and International Marina Tarraco, which is only a short trip away from the city. Many of these marinas can even accommodate luxury superyachts up to 160 meters. The city offers an intoxicating combination of amazing waterways, vibrant nightlife, and an alluring culture to make your sailing charter holiday a memorable one.

For a laidback yet enlightening tour in Barcelona, take a guided boat tour. Apart from witnessing the beautiful city from the sea, the trip will also take you down Barcelona’s past. Hop on an eco-boat and enjoy the neighborhood of Barcelonetta and the Port Olimpic. The seaside of Barcelona was completely redesigned prior to the 1992 Olympic Games. The beachside now is the hub of many water sports, beachside dominoes, and even a beach library. Try windsurfing at on the waters of the Mediterranean. Enjoy quiet-time while rowing a boat on the charming lake at the Parc de la Ciutadella or hire a kayak to go paddle on the beautiful waters.

Other Boating Experiences in Barcelona

Want to race on the waves with your friends? Barcelona Jet Ski Hire might be the perfect pick for you.

If you're traveling with fishing enthusiasts or experienced anglers, local guides in Barcelona can provide you with incredible sports fishing charter experiences. You'll make great catches and spend a day soaking up the sun on a boat. Choose from private fishing charters or group tours.

About Barcelona

Located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula and facing the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona offers boaters a boating destination straight out of their dreams. The picturesque locale that surrounds the city is an equal mix of manmade and natural wonders including the 512-meter high Tibidabo, several small hills, and the Montjuïc castle which now serves as a museum. This seaside capital of Catalonia in northeastern Spain offers immense scope for enjoying the waters. There are amazing city beaches to check out in addition to all the water sports and boating offerings. From kayaking and windsurfing to rowing and cruising, you are in luck if you love spending time on the sea and are in Barcelona.